Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities

7.1.1 Gender equity promotion programs View Document

7.1.2 Gender sensitivity View Document

7.1.3 Alternate Energy initiatives – Annual power requirement View Document

7.1.4 Annual lighting power requirements met through LED bulbs View Document

7.1.5 Waste Management View Document

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7.1.7 Green Practices View Document

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7.1.9 Divyangjan View Document

7.1.12 Code of conduct handbook View Document

7.1.13 Display of core values View Document

7.1.14 Plans and organizes appropriate activities View Document

7.1.15 Human Values and professional ethics. View Document

7.1.17 Promotion of universal values View Document


7.1.18 National festivals and birth / death anniversaries of the great Indian personalities View Document

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7.2 Best Practices

7.2.1 Best practices View Document

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