The Department of Economics was started in the year 1967-68, and it offers B.A. Economics programme with a sanctioned strength of 50. This is one of the oldest departments in this college. Its alumni list is nothing shorter than the who-is-who list of Erode district. The curriculum includes, apart from traditional economics subjects, computer-related subjects also. The department offers UGC-funded Foundation Course on Human Rights Education from the academic year 2011-12. Every year, about 50 students get enrolled in this course.



At the end of the B.A Economics Programme, the students can clearly understand the economic theories and their practical applications in the real world. They will be aware of the operations of economic institutions and their contribution to growth.

  • The students will be able to understand the different degrees of competition in a market and how it affects pricing and output.
  • The students can develop knowledge on theories of economic growth and development and issues of economic planning.
  • The students learnt about the determinants of macro economic conditions, causes of business cycles and interaction of monetary and fiscal policy.
  • Students will gain exposure to the budgetary procedure & allocation problems.
  • They will get to know and analyse the economic problems faced by our county and what could be the possible solutions to them.
      • Dr. S. Manickam, M.A., M.Phil., PGDCA, PGDE, M.Ed., Ph.D.                                          (Head)
      • Dr. V. Nachimuthu, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
      • Dr. K. R. Vijayarani, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
      • Dr. V. Nachimuthu
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S.No. Investigator Title,Year of Award & Duration Funding Agency Amount
1 Dr.V.S.Ganesamurthy Water Pollution in Textile Industry in Erode of Tamilnadu, (2001-2002) & 2 Years UGC Rs.45,000
2 Dr.V.Nachimuthu A Study on the Solid Waste Management of Erode Municipality in Tamilnadu, (2003-2004) & 2 Years UGC Rs.15,000
3 Dr.K.Mariappan A Study on Evaluation of Rain Water Harvesting Structures in Erode District of Tamilnadu,  (2004-2005) & 2 Years UGC Rs.30,000
4 Dr.V.S.Ganesamurthy Land Use Pattern in Tamilnadu State with special reference to Erode District, (2011-2012) & 2 Years UGC Rs.75,000


S.No. Date Details
1 Nov. 1994 15th Annual Conference of the Association of Economists of TamilNadu and Pondicherry (ECONSMEET-94)
2 Sep 29, 30, 2006 UGC funded Two-day National Seminar on Women Empowerment: Issues and Challenges
3 Feb. 28, 2017 One day State Level Seminar on ‘Problems and Prospects of Goods and Services Tax’


S.No. Name Year Rank
1 C. Viji 2003-2006 8th
2 M. Gomathi 2004-2007 3rd
3 M. Renuka 2005-2008 6th
4 Y. Kokila 2007-2010 3rd
5 M. Kavitha 2007-2010 4th
6 A. Venkateshwaran 2007-2010 10th
7 R. Sathya 2008-2011 3rd
8 R. Revathi 2008-2011 7th
9 M. Saravanan 2008-2011 9th
10 R. Kavitha 2009-2012 8th
11 V. Abirami 2014-2017 1st
Gold Medal