The Department of Chemistry was started in the year 1977-78 to offer B.Sc. Chemistry programme with a sanctioned strength of 32. The course provides a stronger foundation for higher studies like M.Sc. Chemistry And M.Sc. Applied Chemistry. A well-furnished laboratory caters the needs of the major and allied students. The department is a recognised research centre offering M.Phil. programme in Chemistry from the year 2011-12.



At the end of the B.Sc Chemistry Programe, the graduates can understand the role of chemistry to rectify the social, economic and environmental problems. They can also understand various areas of chemistry and their applications in different spheres of chemical sciences.

  • The students will have a strong foundation in the fundamentals and applications in those areas like analytical, inorganic, organic, Physical industrial chemistry, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry etc.
  • Equipped with knowledge on underlying principles in chemical experiments, to design, carry out, record and analyze the results carried out in the laboratory
  • The students become employable in chemical related areas like pharmaceutical, Dye, Polymer, Analytical and environmental labs and related industries.
  • The students can understand the causes of environmental pollution and can open up new methods for environmental issues.
  • The students gained knowledge on scientific approach towards various chemical reactions and lab safety.
  • Dr. K. Velumani, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,                                                                                        (Head)
  • Dr. M. Padmapriya, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D
  • Dr. V. Sivakumar, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. N. Jayakumar
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S.No. Period Details
1 Feb. 10, 2017 National Conference on ‘Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment



The following is the list of University Rank holders in B.Sc. Chemistry programme.

S.No. Name Year Rank
1 Jayachandran B. 1993-1996 4th
2 Kothandaraman R. 1995-1998 1st
Gold Medal
3 Jeevanandham M.S. 1995-1998 5th
4 Suresh C. 1995-1998 6th
5 Agnulakshmi V.S. 1999-2002 3rd
6 JohnVictor N. 2000-2003 3rd
7 Vinayagamoorthy M. 2000-2003 7th
8 Gowri N. 2000-2003 8th
9 Chitra N. 2001-2004 5th
10 Anandhakumar S. 2001-2004 9th
11 Karthikeyan M. 2002-2005 8th
12 Savitha A. 2002-2005 9th
13 Ramesh C. 2003-2006 2nd
14 Jayashree N.S. 2004-2007 1st
Gold Medal
15 Karuppusamy S. 2006-2009 4th
16 Manoharan R. 2006-2009 9th
17 Saranya G. 2007-2010 2nd
18 Sathyaraj L. 2007-2010 3rd
19 Gnanadeepan V. 2007-2010 5th
20 Vimala R. 2007-2010 8th
21 Malarvizhi M. 2007-2010 9th
22 Selvi S. 2008-2011 1st
Gold Medal
23 Muniraj N. 2008-2011 3rd
24 Poornachandran R. 2008-2011 5th
25 Sathya Priya S. 2008-2011 8th
26 Maheswari E. 2008-2011 9th
27 Esakki Raj R. 2009-2012 1st
Gold Medal
28 Subramaniyan S. 2009-2012 5th
29 Vijayaraj V. 2009-2012 8th
30 Yogamani S. 2009-2012 9th
31 Kalyani V. 2010-2013 8th
32 Mathammal L. 2010-2013 9th
33 Jamunadevi P. 2010-2013 10th
34 Tamilselvi G. 2011-2014 3rd
35 Nandhini M. 2011-2014 7th
36 Balaji K. 2012-2015 4th
37 Prabha P. 2012-2015 10th
38 Rajendran K. 2013-2016 10th