Business Management

The Department of Business Management was started in the year 1987-88, with a sanctioned strength of 35. From 2011 onwards, the strength was increased to 40. The curriculum includes computer-related subjects like Visual Basic, Tally and MS-Office. Industry-Institution Interaction forum brings the educator, educated, and employer in one spot as a way of learning current trends/developments.



At the end of the B.B.A Programme, graduates will be able to gain knowledge on theoretical aspects and practical application of management concepts and also they can develop critical thinking skills to address diverse business challenges and opportunities. The program will also help our students to inculcate a spirit of inquiry and research rigor to investigate the business situations that go into the working of the various industries at large.

  • The students can develop behavioral, entrepreneurial, managerial skills and gain practical exposure.
  • The students are able to build team spirit to work in different business environment.
  • The learner’s can get knowledge on handling various modern office management and sales management techniques, which are needed for managing the business effectively.
  • Well-versed in flaw less communication skill.
  • Hand on experience in MS office and Tally software.
    • Dr. N. Krishnamoorthy, M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.                                                 (Head)
    • Dr. K. Rajini, M.B.A., PGDCA., Ph.D.
    • Dr. G. Kalaimani, M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Dr. K. Rajini
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S.No. Investigator Title,Year of Award & Duration Funding Agency Amount
1 Dr.M.Gopalakrishnan Developing an index to measure the open and Distance Education Quality from their Learners Perspective, (2014-2015) & 2 Years UGC Rs.1,20,000
2 Dr.N.Krishnamoorthy An Emprical Evaluation of Consumers Perception and Purchase Behaviour towards pre-owned cars with special reference to Erode District of Tamilnadu, (2014-2015) & 2 Years UGC Rs.1,05,000
3 Dr.K.Rajini Impact of Meditation on Emotional Intelligence-An Emprical Study with spl. ref. to Erode District of Tamil Nadu, (2016-2017) & 2 Years UGC Rs.1,50,000


S.No. Date Details
1 Oct. 2002 Alpha and Omega of Research
2 2003 Three-day Workshop on Entrepreneurial Motivation, Awareness and Guidance (E-MAG)
3 Feb. 02, 2017 National Level Seminar on ‘Demonetization : A Game changer from Black Economy to Digital Economy’



The Business Management Association arranges periodic guest-lectures, seminars, and workshops to help the students to cope with the current trends.


The following student got Gold Medal in BBM examinations of Bharathiar University.

S.No. Name Year Rank
1 A. Kanakaraj 1995-1998 1st
Gold Medal