Career Counselling

Academic excellence is often a pursuit that puts students in the race to get good grades, making them so engrossed in their activities that they dangerously ignore the importance of orienting themselves towards a career path. Students have a lot of decisions to make while they’re in college. These range from which courses to take up apart from their core subjects, to deciding which internships would benefit their career. However, the single biggest decision that the student needs to make revolves around what to do after college. As a matter of fact, almost every other choice that a student makes in college revolves around his/her plans after college, be it studying further or taking up a job.

Deciding what to do after college has a significant impact on the student’s immediate future as well as long term goals. This decision gets difficult because there are several factors that impact it, such as interests, costs, opportunities etc. The career counselling cell organizes career counselling programmes for our students which help them to stand out in campus interviews and recruitment drives. The role played by the career & placement cell is pivotal which ensures placement job opportunities for our students.

Details of the Scheme Organized