Sexual Harassment and Ragging Committee

Transparent Mechanism for Timely Redressal 

The Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted to probe into the student grievances. The Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students, whatever be the nature of the problem. The function of the cell is to look into the complaints lodged by any student, and judge its merit. The Grievance Redressal Cell is also empowered to look into matters of harassment.

Sexual Harassment and Ragging Committee

The Sexual Harassment Cell has been established to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to all the staff members and students.
Ragging is one of the most troublesome issues in educational institutions. The following criminal offences shall be treated as Raging as per the Government of India Educational rules.
1. Mental/ Physical/ Sexual abuse
2. Verbal abuse
3. Indecent behaviour
4. Criminal intimation/ Wrongful restraint
5. Undermining human dignity
6. Financial exploitation/ Extortion
7. Use of force

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

• The Grievance Redressal is constituted to relieve and retrieve students grievances. The cell strives to address the problems and brings in solution to the students invariably.
• The cell concentrates on the complaints lodged by the students and judges its merit.
• The cell gives importance to look into the matters of harassment and solve problems then and there.
• Any student with grievance can approach the faculty member of the department or the faculty incharge in person.
• If not willing to show their identity, they may drop through letter in suggestion box.