Best Practices

1.Title of the Practice :VANAM (Vasavi Alumni NCC Association members)
– Training classes for the placement of NCC students in uniform

2. Goal
• The main objective of VANAM along with the NCC unit of the college, is to conduct coaching classes to the current cadets to face the competitive exams, Tamilnadu police uniform services and Indian Army.
• To encourage the students to attended coaching class conducted by VANAM
• To improve the number of students getting place uniform Government services
• To ensure placement in uniform services

3. The Context
VANAM (Vasavi Alumni NCC Association members) – an alumni body of Vasavi NCC alumni.
This Alumni Association was formed during 2016-17 . 220 alumni cadets have been enrolled in the association.
Every year 80-100 classes are conducted by VANAM organizers during week end and maintaining 100 percent attendance during weekend is a tedious job, In order too avoid this,attendance registered is maintained and students who are having lower attendance are eliminated from the coaching facility. Since this is a smaller association for extending activities further for the larger sector of students is a difficult one.

4. The Practice
• Coaching class schedule 80-100 hours per year has been planned earlier and it is given to students in the beginning of the year itself.
• Attendance register ismaintained by VANAM.
• 75 students are attended the coaching
• Students those who are having 30 percent attendance and below are eliminated from the class.
• Frequent assignment, regularmock tests, evaluation and reviews are given to the performers to improve their skill in attending competitive exams.
• Relevant materials and notes are prepared by VANAM membersand arekept for the student’s utility.
• VANAM meeting was conducted on 18.11.2018 in the campus. This program was presided by the secretary of the college and Mr. S. Saravanan, Assistant District Officer, Fire and Rescue Service, Erode and Mr. S.Meyilraj, Station fire Officer, Erode, were the guest of Honor.

5. Evidence of Success
• More number of enrollments in the NCC unit of our college.
• Number of cadets in female Wing of NCC are increasing.
• 18 students passed the written exams of government service
• 10 students got selected in the Tamilnadu government Uniform service as Police Constables, Firemen and Jail Wardens.
• Students are very much interested in uniform services.
• One student M.Suganya of Senior Wing cleared the PC exam conducted by the TN Government Uniform Service Recruitment board and got the training order.
Problems encountered and Resources required.
• Since the coaching classes are during weekends, maintaining 100 percent attendance is difficult.
• Paucity of funds is the biggest problem to extend this activity to larger sector of students.
• Only 220 alumni cadets have been enrolled in the association .
• Awareness on the competitive exams for Tamilnadu police uniform services and Indian Army is not adequate among the students since they are from rural background.

1. Title of the Practice : Social Responsibility Program to Govt. HSc Students

2. Goal
• To Organize
i) Computer Literacy
ii) Personality Development
iii) Remedial
iv) Objective Test
Programmes to Higher Secondary students of Government schools in neighboring areas of the college.
• Since most of the students of first learners of their family this programmes brings them out of fear of facing final Board exams
• To inculcate them the importance of higher education and universal values
• To help them to prepare for board exams by providing objective Question answer book at free of cost.

3. The Context
Since Erode district is a place where agriculture and textile labors are the prime contributory percentage of the population. Higher Education is still a big unachievable thing to so many families. Social Responsibility programme to Govt. HSC Students is introduced to achieve the noble task of making the students who comes from such a background to face the 12th board examinations without any fear, to improve their learning ability and to instill the importance of higher education to them, by giving various programmes to them like
i) Computer Literacy Programs
ii) Personality Development Programs
iii) Remedial Coaching Programs
iv) Objective Tests.

4. The Practice.
Every department of the college is instructed to select at least three Government schools which offer HSC programmes, during the beginning of the academic year. By accessing the requirements of the school the department will plan to organize one or more of the above programmes
The schedule of the program is being finalized with the Class teacher / Head master of the concerned school. Based on the programme chosen by a school the resource persons are fixed either from the faculty team of the college or from eminent personality development trainers. For computer literacy programs the school students are taken to our college for having practical exposure through our resources. The faculty of the college prepares objective type Question and answers book in almost all major HSC subjects and the printing of such book is fully sponsored by philanthropist of our college management committee and distributed free of cost to the students.

5. Evidence of Success
• Social Responsibility programmes were organized in 57 schools by 12 departments of the college
• More than 3412 students actively participated and won prizes in 41 objective type tests conducted by the departments.
• 2400 objective question and answer books were printed and distributed to 2400 students of 57 Government Higher secondary schools which have a huge demand among them.
• The improvement of overall pass percentage of Erode district is an indirect evident of the success of this programme.

6. Problems encountered
• Getting the consent from various officials to conduct such programs in Schools is a hard task.
• Making the students to attend such programs with the true spirit is an another bottle neck