OBE (Outcome Based Education)


Outcome based education (OBE) is a teaching – learning process which aims at achieving a set of goals. OBE is based on the concept of organizing curriculum, content and learning activities around specific, demonstrable outcomes.

Merits of OBE
    •  Instruction is thoughtful and adapts to learner’s needs.
    •  Learners are assisted when and where they have challenges.
    •  Learners are given adequate time to achieve their goals.
    •  It’s adaptive to student needs

OBE is -Assess-Feed back-Improve
Clarity in focus, Design down, Deliver up

Outcome of OBE
  •  Producing meaningful content.
  •  Constructing reliable metrics for success.
  •  Supporting students with regular, substantive feedback and interactivity.

Outcome-based education directly leads to the increment of proficiency of a particular skill, knowledge, or behaviour of the student.

At present the college now follows CBCS pattern as per the guidelines of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. The members of Board of studies from the college are suggesting the University, to implement OBE in the forth coming years