The Department of History was started in the year 1970-71, with a sanctioned strength of 50. The M.A. History degree course was started in the year 1978-79, with a sanctioned strength of 25. The Department offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in History(Full-time and Part-time).


On successful completion of the Programme the graduates will be able understand the political, social and cultural facets of the world and develop their historical knowledge. The students acquire modern skills, aptitude and potentialities of most creative mode in history.

  • The learners understand history with the ability to know the different historical times of world.
  • The learners can expand their vision to recognize the diversity of human experience in ethnicity, caste, class, religion, sex etc. and make them work towards universal brotherhood.
  • The students are equipped with the essentialities of their chosen career.

On successful completion of the program, the post graduates can understand the broad learning goals of history and acquire the attitude of historical research.

  • The post graduates can have a deep understanding of history with the ability to comprehend the different historical times of world and can compare and contrast the different thoughts in history.
  • An attitude of historical research with social relevance is developed among the students.
  • Expand their vision to recognize the diversity of human experience in ethnicity, caste, class, religion, sex etc. and make them work towards universal brotherhood.
  • The students are equipped with the essentialities of their chosen career.

During 8th Plan Period, the Department received Rs.1,00,000 from UGC towards the construction of a History Museum. The museum has separate sections on numismatics, models of ancient and medieval monuments, urns, palm-leaf records, epigraphs from various temples, excavated articles, and tribal dresses and instruments.


  • Mr. M. Thangavel, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,                                                                              (Head)
  • Mr. R. Prakash, M.A., M.Phil.,
  • Dr. S. Z. Niazudeen, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D.
  • Dr. R. Sundara devi, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Mrs. S. Pandyalakshmi., M.A., B.Ed., SET
  • Dr.G. Karuppuswami., M.A., M.Phil., P.hD.,
  • Dr. R.Santhanam., M.A., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. R. Sundara devi
    • Habitual practice of drinking in Tamil country, International journal of social science and humanities, 2014-2015, 2348-6023
    • Legislative Enactments against Child Marriage and the Panorama of Madras Region, International Journal of social science review, 2013-2014, ISSN:2347-6885
  • The MHRD, Govt. of India granted an amount of Rs.7,00,000 for “Promotion and Dissemination of Tribal Folk Arts and Culture” and for “Propagation of Cultural Heritage of Himalayas.”
S.No. Period Details
1 1979 Conference on Kongunadu History
2 1981 Third Session of South Indian History Congress
3 1984 Three-day National Seminar of the Institute of Historical Studies (Kolkatta)
4 Jan, 09, 2007 Vellore Mutiny: 1806 (Bicentenary Celebrations)
5 Mar, 15, 2017 Exhibition conducted on Historical Monuments



Gold Medal

S.No. Name Course Year Rank
1 V. Prabhakaran B.A 1997-2000 10th
2 A. Boopathi B.A 1998-2001 8th
3 V. P. Nikila B.A 2000-2003 1st
Gold Medal
4 P. R. Sivagamasundari B.A 2000-2003 6th
5 R. Srividhya B.A 2000-2003 7th
6 P. Sathishkumar B.A 2001-2004 4th
7 K. Mahalaksmi B.A. 2002-2005 4th
8 V. Kulandaivel B.A. 2003-2006 2nd
9 M. Logeswari B.A. 2003-2006 6th
10 N. Gokila B.A. 2004-2007 3rd
11 K. S. Chitra B.A. 2004-2007 10th
12 A. Saravanan B.A. 2004-2007 10th
13 M. Karthi B.A. 2005-2008 1st
Gold Medal
14 K. Mythili B.A. 2006-2009 4th
15 M. Sirajunisha B.A. 2007-2010 2nd
16 C. Neethimozhi B.A. 2007-2010 4th
17 K. Sasikala B.A. 2007-2010 8th
18 B. Vivek B.A. 2007-2010 10th
19 S. Sumaiya Parhana B.A. 2008-2011 9th
20 S. Chitra B.A. 2008-2011 10th
21 M. Ponnusamy B.A. 2009-2012 4th
22 K. Kalaivani B.A. 2009-2012 9th
23 N. Revathi B.A. 2011-2014 5th
24 P. Thenmozhi B.A. 2011-2014 7th
25 P. Revathi B.A. 2012-2015 2nd
26 T. Maninekalai B.A. 2013-2016 5th
27 T. Prathivraj B.A. 2014-2017 9th
28 M. Ranjith M.A. 2001-2003 2nd
29 M. Saravanakumar M.A. 2001-2003 6th
30 G. Vijayan M.A. 2001-2003 7th
31 M. Tamilselvi M.A. 2002-2004 2nd
32 S. Selvakumar M.A. 2002-2004 6th
33 R. Perumal M.A. 2002-2004 7th
34 V. P. Nikila M.A. 2003-2005 1st
Gold Medal
35 K. Lavanya M.A. 2003-2005 5th
36 K. Nataraj M.A. 2003-2005 6th
37 R. SriVidya M.A. 2003-2005 7th
38 P. Rajasekaran M.A. 2003-2005 9th
39 P. Sathish Kumar M.A. 2004-2006 1st
Gold Medal
40 P. Punitha M.A. 2004-2006 2th
41 V. Revathi M.A. 2004-2006 6th
42 K. Parimaladevi M.A. 2004-2006 7th
43 J. Dhanapal M.A. 2005-2007 8th
44 M. Logeswari M.A. 2006-2008 3rd
45 D. Anitha M.A. 2006-2008 8th
46 V. Kulanthaivel M.A. 2007-2009 1st
Gold Medal
47 N. Gokila M.A. 2007-2009 2nd
48 D. Indumathi M.A. 2008-2010 1st
Gold Medal
49 C. Shanmugam M.A. 2008-2010 2nd
50 K. Uma M.A. 2008-2010 3rd
51 M. Sathya M.A. 2009-2011 1st
52 A. Selvi M.A. 2009-2011 2nd
53 M. Sirajunisha M.A. 2010-2012 1st
Gold Medal
54 B. Panneerselvam M.A. 2010-2012 5th
55 M. Ramesh M.A. 2011-2013 1st
Gold Medal
56 R. Kalaiselvi M.A. 2011-2013 2nd
57 S. Keerthi M.A. 2011-2013 3rd
58 K. Ayyammal M.A. 2011-2013 4th
59 P. Nithya M.A. 2011-2013 5th
60 V. Nandhini M.A. 2012-2014 3rd
61 M. Kalaivani M.A. 2012-2014 5th
62 P. Parimala M.A. 2013-2015 3rd
63 S. Saraswathi M.A. 2013-2015 4th
64 P. Kavin Kumar M.A. 2014-2016 1st
Gold Medal
65 N. Revathi M.A. 2014-2016 2nd
66 V. Revathi M.A. 2014-2016 4th
67 P. Thenmozhi M.A. 2015-2017 1st
Gold Medal
68 R. Sakthivel M.A. 2016-2018 2nd
69 S. Umamageshwari M.A. 2016-2018 4th