Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was started in the year 1986-87 and it has been offering B.Sc. Computer Science programme with a sanctioned strength of 30. From the year 2011-12, the strength was increased to 35 with the financial aid from UGC. The department has been offering M.Phil. Computer Science programme from 1992 onwards. During 2011-12, the Department has become a recognised research centre to offer Ph.D. programme in Computer Science.


A well-equipped lab with 43 Pentium-IV systems networked with Windows NT Server caters to the needs of the students. Apart from a 7.5 KVA Diesel Generator, power back-up is provided by a 7.5 KVA online UPS with 2 hours battery backup. The lab also has an A3 Laser printer/copier/scanner, an A4 Colour Scanner, a laser printer and a Dot-Matrix printer. The lab is equipped with three numbers of 1.5 tonne A/C units. A multimedia projector is used for effective teaching-learning process. Internet connectivity is provided with 2 Mbps broadband connectivity.


The department received Rs.7,00,000 from the UGC as seed-money to conduct the Career Oriented Programme “CERTIFICATE COURSE IN DESPTOP PUBLISHING” from the year 2008-09. Through this programme, about 40 students undergo DTP training and fetch jobs in publishing industries every year.

  • Mr. B. Mahalingam, M.Sc., M.Phil., P.G.D.C.A., M.Phil.(CS)                                                    (Head I/C)
  • Mr. R. Pragaladan, M.Sc., M.Phil.

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S.No. Investigator Title & Duration Amount
1 Dr.R.Amalraj Pattern Recognition by Sequential Learning Neural Networks augmented with Moment based Feature Extraction vs. its conventional convergence(2004 to 2005) Rs.70,000
2 Dr.R.Amalraj Optimization of Number of Neurons in the Hidden Layer in Feed Forward Neural Networks with an emphasis to Cascade Correlation Networks (2014 to 2015) Rs.3,75,000

S.No. Name Year Rank
1 S. MuraliKrishna 1990-1993 9
2 R. Dhanabal 1991-1994 9
3 M. Prasanna 1994-1997 7
4 R. Arulanandham 1995-1998 2
5 S. Senthilkumar 1999-2002 3
6 A. S. Fouziah 1999-2002 8