The Youth Red Cross (YRC) wing was started in the year 1995. It helps the students to inculcate discipline in them and to understand their responsibilities towards their countrymen, especially the poor and downtrodden. From its inception, nearly 600 students enrol themselves as volunteers in YRC every year. The YRC wing of our College has undertaken lot of social responsibility service activities. It has conducted Programmes on Individual Development, Fire-Fighting, Water Resource Management, Medical camps, Blood Donation, First-Aid, and Environmental Awareness Programmes such as Go Green, Clean India, National Youth Day celebration, Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations etc. The YRC students volunteered themselves in plantation of saplings and campus cleaning in the College. At present the activities of YRC is eminently Co-ordinated by Dr.K.A.Agalya, Assistant Professor of English, Dr.P.SaravanaKumar, Assistant Professor of Commerce for Aided Wing and  Mr.S.Shankar, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Ms.A.S.Benazir, Assistant Professor of English for Self-Finance Wing.


  To protect the environment and making it pollution free by planting tree saplings is the motto of this mission. Our youth red cross comrades at our campus to plant the saplings. Our YRC has digged 100 pits for planting the saplings. At the same time we cleaned the campus and gave awareness to the students and pave a way to know about green environment.


In YRC we include the training programmes to the students for  develop their helping tendency to help the help seekers . A disaster can be came as any tragic event with great loss from events such as fire accident, flood etc..our training programmes are being given to them moral education and also for nation’s safety Role of the students in Disaster Management. The students trained and resettlement of Victims at times of fire accident etc through our programme.


We conduct Road safety Awareness programme. All Youth obey and follow the traffic rules and regulations. We provoked the undeniable truth that “each one’s safety is in their own hands” as well the importance of life.