Junior Chamber is a global youth organization providing leadership development opportunities. Its main purpose is to develop individuals in useful ways to serve the people. SRI VASAVI JUNIOR CHAMBER was founded in the year 1999 with Dr. K.J. Shah Nawaz Khan as the Charter President. This is one among the few campus oriented LOM in the world and the first LOM in the National level to have all the members having post-graduate educational qualification.

During the year 2000, the LOM bagged the prestigious OUTSTANDING NEW LOM AWARD. The LOM bagged three awards during that year. In 2001, the chapter conducted LEADERSHIP 21st CENTURY programme in almost all the schools in Erode. In that year, the chapter bagged two Zone Awards.

Apart from the LOM activities, in 2001, Jc.P.Gowthaman served as Zone Co-ordinator of Zone XVII, IJC. In the year 2002, Jc.J.Deenathayalan served as the Zone Co-ordinator, Special Programs, Zone XVII, IJC. He is now the Zone Councillor of Zone XVII.

The Erode Vasavi Junior Chamber has undertaken various projects like conducting seminars on Effective Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Motivation, and Leadership skills to various batches of students. It has undertaken various Community development programmes also. Currently, Jc.UMAMAHESWARAN T.G is the President of Erode Sri Vasavi Jaycees.

Erode Sri Vasavi Jaycees has sponsored a new LOM, Erode Sri Vasavi Eves Jaycees in the year 2004.  Jc. K. Rajeswari was the charter president of Erode Sri Vasavi Eves Jaycees.  Currently Jc. K.A. Agalya is the president of Erode Sri Vasavi Eves Jaycees.

S.No. Name Designation Specialized Topics Contact No.
1. Jc.P.Gowthaman Prime Graduate EPS, CAP 9842793968
2. Jc.J.Deenathayalan Zone Trainer WWW, Memory techniques 9842776339
3. Jc.V.Vetrivel Zone Trainer Team Building, EPS 9443125659
4. Jc.Umamaheswaran T.G. Zone Trainer HR, Body Language 9443351913
5. Jc.C.Sivashanmugam Zone Trainer Decision Making 9865102802
6. Jc.Allen D.Samuel Zone Trainer Force Field Analysis 9360411434