Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Association, started in 2002, aims to give a multi-faceted outlook to students by nurturing and encouraging their talent and interest in the field of fine arts. Nearly 50 students have enrolled as members of the Fine Arts Association, and they meet every day to get trained and to train others.The encouragement and guidance they get from these meetings help the students participate in inter-collegiate competitions with courage and confidence and win many cash prizes.

The students have participated and exhibited their talents in varying disciplines like painting, dancing, singing, etc. Every year we released the Fine Arts Association Bulletin “VASAVI BLAZE”.












                                                     YEAR CASH PRIZES
2013-2014 Rs.1,27,400
2014-2015 Rs.1,82,000
2015-2016 Rs.1,13,300
2016-2017 Rs.70,500
2017-2018 Rs.76,500
2018-2019 Rs.53,000
2019-2020 Rs.27,000