Capability Enhancement Programmes

Capability is the ability to do things and to choose for a way of life according to one’s personal values. College effectively nurtures and develops various capabilities and skills among its students. This is of prime importance as it helps students to develop their personality, meet the market needs, and excel in the dynamic global environment. With an endeavour to empower our students to become assets to the organizations and contribute meaningfully to the entire world, students are supported and facilitated through various capability building schemes. These schemes act as a stimulating factor in getting the students corporate-ready and become a responsible social citizen. Capability Enhancement Programmes’ of the college includes various programmes arranged for the overall development of the students.

  1. Guidance for Competitive Examinations
  2. Career Counselling
  3. Soft Skill Development
  4. Remedial Coaching
  5. Language Lab
  6. Bridge Course
  7. Yoga and Meditation
  8. Personal Counselling